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Mission Statement

"It is our mission to provide quality education and services to our clients while striving to educate students and granting experience necessary to compete in the evolving world of Information Technology"


About Us

Hi, my name is Randy Prevost and I am happy that you chose Workshop Trainer as your one-stop source for IT education information and service.

Currently, Workshop Trainer is a home based business idea that I had a few years ago. As our mision statement reads, it is our goal to provide educational and PC services to our clients. At the same time, students that I have worked with in the past are joining our team to learn their skills in IT while gaining on the job experience and earning wages while they learn.

Students interested in joining our team can contact us and continue to learn their skills while applying their experience to customers requests. Customers will search us out to learn about Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. Also, clients will call upon us to repair their computers whether it be slow Internet access to hardware replacement. Our technicians are CompTia A+ certified and understand up to date, state of the art technology in diagnosing, recommending, and implementing processes to assure top speed and accurate start ups on the client's system.

We offer on-site training for your employees or students in the Microsoft Office products as well as Computer Fundamental training and the Internet. Our rates are very competitive and can be negotiated by any firm whether it be a small/large business or school that is looking for training service. 

I am the lead facilitator for all training classes offered and have over 13 years experience and over 15 thousand hours of hands-on classroom training in IT, business, and career field. I have been certified in many areas of training including Classroom Management, Facilitation, Needs Analysis, Curriculum Development, Train the Trainer, A+ Computer Technician, Network+ Administration, Web Design and Implementation, and Adobe Photoshop. 

Wokrshop Trainer has built, repaired, administered network design,  and updated over 500 PC systems over the past 5 years. Most of those systems are still in operation today. With our service bundles, we don't leave the client hanging upon completion of the sale. Because we are about "sharing the knowledge" in a training atmosphere, our goal is to work with each client in providing the service requested then training them on how to keep up with the latest updates and technology to keep them running for a long time. Of course, we are always available for support after the training.

Check out our individual and bundled rates packages for special pricing. We look forward to serving your organization or you as an individual with your IT needs.