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Mission Statement

"It is our mission to provide quality education and services to our clients while striving to educate students and granting experience necessary to compete in the evolving world of Information Technology"


Web Design

Web Design is a huge business. Often times a customer will know what they want and will call on a web designer to build a site for their business or a simple personal website. It's important for the client to understand the difference between a web designer and what is known in the business as "web monkeys" when it comes to getting a site up and running.

At Workshop Trainer we pride ourselves in being web designers. A web designer is a person who will sit down with the client and offer design consultation. A designer is an artist of sorts. Designers will offer ideas that solve problems and determine the best route to take when providing webite services for the client. Although we will provide solutions for the problem, it is best to hear us out when we talk web design.

Our trained staff has the artistic ability and technical know-how to offer a good working web design. We will also work with the client to be sure they are skilled enough to take the final design and make up-dates and corrections to the code. Any staff member with no knowledge to extensive knowledge of the site languages can be trained to continue the service without any help.

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